Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tomorrow's Ultrasound

I've been staying pretty far away from all social media, including blogging lately. I've just felt the need to disconnect and focus on my husband and the IVF process. I truly didn't know what I would feel going into the IVF process, and I'm surprised by how personal it feels. Despite the few anger/crying jags that I've experienced, the process has brought us closer together. The connection we feel is so strong and incredible at this point, and we just keep focusing on how much we're doing to get toward our goal of having a baby.

David has been waking up with me each morning to help me do the Lupron injections. I don't need help with the injection part, but I always like to have him double check the amount in the syringe prior to injection. I feel groggy in the mornings, and an extra pair of eyes never hurts. He's truly so good about it, and I feel that he's as connected the process as he can possibly be.

In fact, at 5 AM tomorrow, we will be venturing off together to U of C for my first ultrasound since starting the drugs. I'm anxious. The goal is to be suppressed enough that the stimulating medicines can help, but I'm not sure if I am or not. I've been feeling like I have an ovarian cyst going on. Now, this could be just a case of CF tummy acting up as I've had to take some miralax and things have been a bit irregular for me. I haven't experienced issues like that in years, and I have to wonder if the Lupron is causing it? I'm hoping that these issues will pass once the egg retrieval process is done.

Anyway, I will be sure to keep you all updated on what happens tomorrow. Hopefully good news! I also have my CF clinic on Thursday so I'm hoping for good PFTs from that appointment as well!

We will just have to wait and see!


  1. Good luck with your ultrasound today! I'll be thinking of you. :) Also, good luck at clinic on Thursday, I'm sure your PFTs will be great!

    Love the new background, by the way :)

  2. WOW! Reading this reminds me of our journey through IVF. I knew that this process would bring the two of you closer together. I truly believe any couple who goes through this no matter what happens has strenghthened their relationship to no end. To be honest with you, NO one will ever understand what this process is like to go through until they actually go through it!!!!

    I can recall people telling my wife and I that they had a hard time getting pregnant etc etc. But in the back of my mind no one would understand what we were going through unless they actually went through the IVF process. I am not trying to downplay anybody's pregnancy journey but this IVF process is nothing unlike anybody could imagine. You have to be so dedicated and committed in this journey both husband and wife!!

    David reminds me so much of myself! When my wife was doing her Lupron and other injections I would also verify the syringe prior to the injection and also after injection. Does David remind you its time to take your injection? I would do that also:) As you can see its a two man game and I am proud that David is supporting you through this. Give him a high five for me:)!!!

    Best of luck on both of your Dr. appointments!!!! We cannot wait to hear the update.

    Take Care

  3. Good luck!!!! I'm crossing my fingers so much for ya. I've been surprised - the one thing my crazy hormones in the last few weeks have not led to is mood swings (knock on wood). I'm kind of enjoying the zen. ;)

  4. Thank you all for the good luck wishes! I am truly appreciative of your kind words.

    Colleen, thanks for the comment on the background. I needed a change, and that seemed like a good place to start!

    Cindy, I'm glad that the mood swings have been non-existent. I hope it stays that way :)

    John, I look forward to your comments each time! It's so nice to hear about what it was like for someone else who went through this crazy process. I'm glad you were such an active participant during your IVF cycle. I agree with you about how much of a process IVF is and how dedicated you have to be to go through it! It's a crazy time! David also reminds me what time to take my injections. In fact, when I was sleep-deprived the other day, he brought the box into the bedroom, helped me give my injection, and we went right back to sleep! It was so nice! He's truly been amazing!


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