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Thank you for taking the time to follow my blog and find out just who I am.

I'm a 24 year old, married (to the best man in the entire world) woman who is dealing with the ups and downs of daily life with cystic fibrosis. I was diagnosed at birth so CF has been a part of my life forever and it very much has contributed to who I am today (in good ways and bad).

I'm a loving, gentle, and very forgiving person. I try not to see the flaws or negatives in anything or anyone and I always focus on the positives. Life is beautiful and sadly, too many people take it for granted - I'm determined to live it out fully and happily. Going along with that, I love smiling, laughing, and genuinely talking to others in need. I probably should have been a therapist, I really would have enjoyed it!

As much as I pride myself for the above qualities, I dislike the anxiety I deal with on a daily basis. I worry about a LOT of things regarding my health and the happiness/contentment of those around me. I'm a germaphobe (with CF, you really have to be) which causes irritating habits to those around me at times. For instance, I wash my hands all the time and I use hand sanitizer by the gallon. I won't share food or drink with anyone (other than my hubby) and I always inspect silverware prior to eating it. I'm sure more than one of my friends/family think I'm crazy.  The saving grace is that my hubby is a germaphobe too (we make a good pair)!

So with these two quirks of my personality, what career would I possibly go into? TEACHING.  That's right, the germ-filled, snot-dripping, occasionally vomit-filled, but always fulfilling teaching career. I'm not sure I fully thought it through when I was going for my degree, I just knew I wanted to teach since I could remember. I was the child with the fake chalkboard who lined her stuffed animals up for reading lessons.  Sadly, with the recent economic situation, I have yet to be in my own classroom. I sub whenever I can, always armed with Germ-x, and enjoy the days I'm there.  My husband is also a teacher and thankfully his income is supporting us for now.  We've decided to put off on me trying to get a job since we are actively trying to have a baby.  As soon as I'm pregnant, I'll probably stop subbing until after the baby is born, just to stay away from as many germs as possible. It seems like the smart thing to do, as far as we're concerned. In fact, we've decided that the lack of open jobs is a blessing in disguise with us wanting a family. 

In the meantime, I stay at home cooking, cleaning, and enjoying life. I'm also trying very hard to write a book, which has always been another dream of mine.  This blog is also providing a much-needed outlet for CF and the struggles it can entail.  So for now, that's enough..we're just hoping for a baby soon. J

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  1. I've never realized that you were a germaphobe hon. You hide it so well!


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