Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today. . .

I'm 10 days into my Lupron shots and a week from tomorrow will be my baseline ultrasound and blood work. I've noticed that I've been a bit emotional, but not overly so. Also, I have a daily headache..behind my eyes. It's not too bad, but it's noticeable. Being 10 days into the cycle, my mind has begun wandering to the idea of a positive pregnancy test, and I keep trying to not get my hopes too high.  Today, however, has been an AMAZING day so I've let my mind wander as much as it wants.

Why was today amazing, you ask?

1) I began my day by getting some AMAZING news about a dear friend. The news I got made my whole week, and I nearly screamed at work. I was just SO excited for this person. I love hearing good news about my friends/family.

2) I worked with my favorite co-workers today and the day went pretty quickly which is ALWAYS a good thing.

3) My sister's follow-up appointment at Northwestern went extremely well, and the doctors are so pleased that they do not feel the need to see her again. They told her she is welcome to start chemo whenever she wants. AMAZING!

4) My husband had planned a sweet romantic day to celebrate our anniversary.  He's booked massages and has a nice place picked out for a dinner afterwards. What a true sweetheart I have!

5) I dreamed about positive pregnancy tests alllll day today. I read forum after forum about when people got their positive tests following their transfers. I calculated my test date/due date. I did it all.  Then, I started to worry that I might be over-suppressed or over-stimulated this cycle, and it might just get cancelled. I also started to worry that my lung function will be down so they will decide to cancel the cycle to put me on IVs. Then..I told myself to stop worrying and enjoy my I did just that. I went back to dreaming about what that positive will look/feel like when it eventually comes. If everything goes JUST right..hopefully beginning of August! :) 


  1. Dream away girl! Even if it doesn't happen this month (but soooo hoping it does) then at least you spent your time on happy thoughts. Either way your dreams will be a reality soon enough!

  2. Oh man...... minus the IVF part, I have SO been there. I can't tell you how many times I have used those dumb online due date calculators! And my google now has records of practically a bajillion different "early pregnancy symptoms" or "could this be an early pregnancy symptom" searches! It is SO hard not to get your hopes up. I'm praying for you whatever happens, friend! But I will be so overjoyed if it works for you!!!

  3. Keep that DREAM alive!!! I can recall all those dreams my wife had. She would get out the calendar and mark it on the calendar when she would be able to start taking the pregnancy tests at home! :)

    She would also drive herself nuts reading all the forums. The internet is a great place to get information and a great tool that causes worry. I know its hard NOT to worry. I remember what her IVF Dr. told us..."He wished that he could drug his patients after the embryo transfer and have them wake up once it was time to have them tested to see if the embryo took"!! That two week wait after the embryo transfer was the hardest on us. But in the end it all pays off. Just be as patient as possible during this bc it will be beneficial to you and David both.

    In the end Megan, it is out of your control whatever happens happens. It's in God's hands! Just keep praying! We continue to pray for you and your husband's dream to come true! :)

    Happy Anniversary and enjoy the day with your husband!

    Take Care

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that your dreams turn into reality this month.

  5. You all are wonderful for giving me support and making me feel good about everything. I really appreciate it. I love to dream about being pregnant. I can't wait for when it's my turn! :) Thank you all for your advice and your good wishes!

    John, I totally agree. It's in God's hands no matter what. If it's meant to be, then it will be. I truly trust and believe in that! :) Your comments have been so appreciative and wonderful throughout this process. I truthfully am so grateful for them!


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