Must-do list

My “Must-Do” List

After reading other cyster’s to-do lists, I felt compelled to post one of my own. These are the things I desire to do in my lifetime.  I’m going to work hard toward accomplishing each one of them.  These are in no particular order, and I will continue to add more as I think of them.

1.       Become a mommy

2.       Get Married (July 2, 2010)

3.       Have a puppy (April 10, 2009)

4.       Own a home (Jan 30, 2009)

5.       Write a book

6.       Publish a book

7.       Participate in a CF walk/run

8.       Walk a 5k

9.       Run a 5k

10.   Exercise for more than 30 minutes every day for a month straight.

11.   Volunteer in my church

12.   Take my (future) child/children to Walt Disney World

13.   Learn to knit

14.   Learn to sew

15.   Make a positive change/impact on someone’s life (my best friend told me I had to cross this one off :) Thank you bestie!)

16.   Make a positive change/impact in the CF community

17.   Raise my FEV1 to high 80s low 90s

18.   Gain 10 pounds and keep it on (February 29, 2012)

19.   Visit the East coast again

20.   Do a road trip (July 2011)

21.   Learn photography

22.   Learn to play the piano

23.   Be in a book club (2011)

24.   Learn yoga

25.   Repaint the house

26.   Give more freely and more often

27.   Participate in a fundraising event outside of the CF community

28.   Organize the house and keep it that way for a solid month (August/September 2012)

29.   Make meals for a solid month, without going out to eat once

30.   Go to a concert 

31.   See a play

32.   Go apple picking at an orchard

33.   Celebrate my 50th birthday in style

34.   Celebrate my 75th birthday with an awesome dance party

35.   Tell everyone in my family that there has finally been a cure for CF

36.  Plant a garden and maintain it

37.  Learn to make more items from scratch (bread, pasta, jellies, etc.)

38.  Go on a vacation with friends

39.  Read 100 books in a year

40. Read the Bible the entire way through

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