Monday, July 23, 2012

In One Hour. . .

In just about one hour, I will be giving myself my trigger shot to induce ovulation!! Holy COW!

Looking back at everything, I am amazed at how we got to this point. I am truly impressed by our dedication to the process, and I am overwhelmed by the love I feel for these eggs that aren't even embryos yet (yes, I know it sounds odd). 

It's been a little bit of a rough road, and I'm truly glad to be done with all of the injections (minus my last one tonight..AHH)! I was thinking back to the beginning of this and doing some calculations in my head, and here's what I've come up with (These numbers do not include trigger shot or anything beyond tonight):

Total Injections: 45 between the lupron and the stimulating meds.
Total Ultrasounds: 7
Total Blood Draws: 8
Approximate miles spent driving back and forth: 880 
Total spent on drugs and other costs (excluding fuel) so far: 2000
Total amount of time spent googling about E2 levels, OHSS, and all other random worries: WAY too much

How much I want this to work: Indescribable 

It's crazy looking at all this and seeing what has gone into it. I just can not wait for Wednesday so that we know how many eggs are retrieved and then how many grow the way we would like them to.

Going into the retrieval my stats are: Estrogen level is 2200 (slight concern over OHSS due to how rapidly my estrogen rose), lining is 11mm (nice and thick!), and mature follicles number at 11 prior to trigger shot.

As for the OHSS, my estrogen tripled in two days so they are slightly concerned. I also am at risk due to being young and thin. I pray that I don't get it for many reasons (especially CF reasons), and I pray that we are able to do a day 5 transfer on Monday, July 30!! 


  1. I found your blog doing a search on estradiol levels just last week and here I find that you and I are merely a week apart in our cycles! I look forward to reading about your experience as it helps me to understand what I may experience. I trully appreciate your blog. I hope that everything goes wonderfully on wednesday. While you'll be getting ur eggs retrieved, I will getting my first ultrasound after stim meds. Good luck! I hope they retrieve many great eggs!

  2. Cindy, Thank you so much!

    Inhaling, Yes!! I'm getting super excited (and nervous)!

    Salina, Congratulations on starting your stims. To me, that seemed like such a bit step in the process. Please let me know how your ultrasound goes tomorrow! I can't wait to hear what happens. Don't get too discouraged if there isn't much growth to begin with, as that happened with mine and then it completely changed by yesterday! It's so neat that we're only a week apart in our cycles! I'm glad that my posts are helping you as well...I know it definitely seems like a scary process, and I found reading others blogs to be so helpful also. Ahh! Good luck! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Thank you also for the good luck wishes..I truly appreciate them!


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