Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And the egg count is. . .


We ended up with 6 eggs after the retrieval today which surprised me for the number of follicles I had. That said, it only takes 1 to make a successful pregnancy, and my lining is nice and thick so hopefully it can burrow in nice and deep!

As for the pain? Not nearly as bad as I imagined. I have some cramping, and once in awhile I feel a twinge of sharp pain, but overall REALLY good (praying to God it stays that way).  I've taken one tylenol, and the anesthesia they gave me was great because I felt wide awake an hour after the whole process. I ended up forcing myself to take a nap, and I have been doing nothing but relaxing all afternoon. In fact, we're ordering Chinese food so I don't have to cook anything at all (but so that I can have something more than a sandwich since my husband does not have a strength in cooking).

They did switch things up a bit on us...originally we were planning on doing regular in vitro where they put the eggs and sperm together and let the "best one" win.  However, with the limited number of eggs and the sample given it was decided that ICSI (where one "healthy and well-chosen" sperm is put into each egg) was the best option.  They gave us the choice, but suggested ICSI. I was still under at that point, but my husband said if they felt it was best..that was the way to go. I'm proud of him for making that choice because he usually struggles with big choices like that. He did well :)

So as for me, I'm planning on taking it easy at least through tomorrow, although I do plan on cooking a nice meal tomorrow if I can manage it.

Thank you for all your good wishes, prayers, and thoughts. You all are wonderful, and I'm so grateful!

Also, I'll be posting tomorrow as soon as we know how many eggs ended up fertilized.  If the little embryos don't do too well, then we will do a day 3 transfer, but we're still hoping for a day 5. 


  1. I knew it wasn't going to be that bad of a surgery for you! Glad you made it out OK. I was surprised they only got 6 eggs??? Were some of the follicles empty? This seems very strange when I compare our IVF case to yours. But again everyone is different.
    I am so glad you went through with the ICSI. That is what we had to do for our IVF as well. They required us to since we were also doing the Pre Genetic Diagnosis. ICSI should insure that the eggs are fertilized.
    I hope that one of the embryos makes it to day 5 for the two of you.
    Keeping you and david in my thoughts!!!!

  2. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts!! I was surprised by the number of eggs too, but before surgery my doctor did say he would purposely leave eggs behind if they were too close to the uterus or other internal structures. Due to my multiple surgeries at birth, I have a lot of adhesions and my organs have moved slightly from where they should be so I do believe this is what happened, unfortunately.


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