Friday, July 27, 2012

Progesterone in Oil, How I Hate You

There are very few things I hate in this world...but progesterone in oil is definitely one of them.

Within the first 12 hours of this shot I have felt the following:

- Flushed all over my face and my left arm
- Shortness of breath
- Extreme bum pain to the point where I can't sit at all unless it's on a heating pad
- Irritability/sadness
- Nausea
- Extreme boob pain to the point where I was pretty sure I was having a heart attack until I realized it was just my boobs being sore.
- Extreme constipation starting already despite having taken miralax. I may be upping my dose to twice a day or something because this is ridiculous.
- Sensitivity to smells. My beautiful Subway sandwich (which I was ALL excited to eat) smelled like something you would catch a whiff of at the baboon house of the zoo...Also water smells funky, and I can't stand my perfume.

Yep...all within 12 hours. My husband is convinced it's all in my head, but I truly don't think my head could make up all these symptoms.

Needless to say, I'm terrified for tomorrow's shot, and I'm quite ready to be done. Good thing this wasn't the first part of this IVF process or I never would have made it through..they tease you by putting it at the end: sadistic people I tell you...


  1. Megan sorry to hear that you are experiencing all these symptoms. As for my wife when we did the progesterone injections she had some irritability and pain at the injection site. I think some of the symptoms you may be experiencing could be related to the retrieval forcing you to ovulate. I suggest eating a few bananas that helps my wife with the constipation :)
    I'm really surprised you said in a comment that you only have to take the progesterone shots up until transfer day????? I think the standard for progesterone injections are any where from 7-14 weeks or until they get a heartbeat of the baby!! You may want to check with your Dr. on this one. I know it sounds like a long time to be receiving these shots in the butt but it will all be worth it :)

  2. John! I'm so glad that you and your wife have gone through this so that you can offer advice - I'm TRULY grateful! I'm going to start downing bananas and all other fruit to see if it helps. I think you're right that some of it could be ovulation pain or just pain from my ovaries still be swollen and sore.

    At my clinic, I'm on the shot until the day of transfer, and then I switch to suppositories through the first 12 weeks. The suppositories are three x a day which many women hate and therefore decide to stay on the shot, but I'm wondering if they may lessen my side effects a bit? I placed a call to the clinic this morning after only sleeping an hour from the pain I was in last night. We'll see what they decide to do.

    Thank you again for your comment and suggestion - I appreciate it!

    1. Megan, I spoke to the wife about the injections. She recalled that people do have the option to do the suppositories but she heard how awfully messy it was. She also said that they can lead to yeast infections :( That doesn't sound good. I know the shots are awful well it was awful giving them because I felt bad stabbing the wife but I think they are probably better than the suppositories. Also, the size of the needle you are using could effect how your butt feels. They gave my wife a smaller needle since she is so skinny and they said it was no different than the bigger one. Maybe ask the Dr. that as well if you could use a smaller needle if you do not have a lot of junk in the trunk :) hehe

      One last question, do you know if you have an allergy to sesame oil? The reason I ask is sesame oil is found in the progesterone.

      Take care Megan! Sorry for all the comments I am just trying to give you some advice as I know this process is so stressful. But I believe you and David can get through this!!!

  3. LOL sounds like pregnancy!!! I will warn you about bananas though - they help some people but actually constipate others. They are more binding than loosening. As for the boob pain, yes yes yes! I've gotten used to it now but it was killing me at first.

  4. John, Thank you for all your comments. They are truly appreciated! I was thinking that maybe the smaller needle MIGHT work better for me because I have pain all the way into my spine from these shots. I definitely don't have much in the form of "junk" ;).

    Cindy, Ugh! If only it had the same "reward" as pregnancy! I can't believe how much of a "baby" I'm being about this whole process. I truly thought I was strong enough to handle it, but I'm starting to wonder most days!


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