Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Day Before Egg Retrieval...

Bear with me if I manage two posts in one day yet again since writing helps me to deal with my nerves.

So tomorrow, by this time, I should be just about ready to go home after having my egg retrieval done. I should know how many eggs were collected, and hopefully I won't be feeling TOO terrible.

I've read the horror stories (shame on me..I should truly stay away from Dr. Google), and I hope that these stories come from women who have no pain tolerance. Someone I really respect had IVF done, and she stated that the retrieval wasn't too bad, but I should plan on staying in bed at least the first day. I totally plan on doing just that. I will stay in bed, and I will NOT use my vest tomorrow. I know it sounds terrible, but over the last 5 days I've had to cut back on my use of the vest and increase my accapella use to ensure I can clear my chest. The vest, on anything except the lowest setting, causes INTENSE pain in my ovaries for hours afterwards and increases nausea (as I found out this morning). So, I will be huff coughing and using the accapella like crazy over the next day or two until I feel less swollen and sore.

Overall, I have to admit that even the day before egg retrieval, I feel pretty good pain-wise. I had more pain in the beginning of the stimulating process than I do now, and I feel like the majority of that pain was related to constipation. Now, I feel a little full but overall I feel like I could go shopping for a few hours, and I'd be ok. Like I said, the only time I feel pain is with my vest.

As for the trigger shot, it went well. I watched the clock CAREFULLY, and I gave myself the shot at 11:01 after a bit of hesitation. I didn't feel anything after the shot, and I slept the best I've slept in weeks knowing that I wouldn't have to get up to give myself any injections today (WooHoo)! Today, however, I'm feeling the effects.Wow. Holy..Nausea...Batman.

I figure this is because the amount of hcg in my body went from non-existent to SUPER high. The vest made it worse this morning, but now I'm just trying to take it easy, and I think I'll be drinking a lot of water and eating easy foods today. I also have a pretty rough headache which could be contributing to the nausea. Otherwise..it's been pretty good! Now..on to tomorrow's surgery! Ahh!

P.S. My big fear today is that I will ovulate before egg retrieval..thus making this whole cycle pointless. I'm feeling super flushed and my temp is up which worries me that I did, indeed, ovulate. I sure hope not!


  1. Hi Megan!!! I am so glad you made it to the big day:) I cannot tell you how much Google caused me and my wife to worry during our IVF journey. I think what you are feeling is that crazy amount of hcg entering into your system.
    My wife had two egg retrievals. They were both great as far as how she felt. Minor cramping and tired were the symptoms she remembers. In fact she said it was some of the best sleep she has had when she was put out.
    Tommorrow will be a good day to spend watching movies, reading a book, or just laying around sleeping. Keep us posted we have our fingers crossed for you :)

  2. I have actually read some stories about women getting a temp increase for the day after the trigger shot. Also, as far as the pain goes. Are you sure you aren't still constipated??? I typically get that pain with the Vest if I am, and if I am having stomach problems it makes any other abdominal pain 100x worse.

  3. Today's the day! I hope everything goes smoothly for you today and that they were able to gather lots of usable eggs during the retrieval. I'm very excited for you. Good Luck!!

  4. John, good to know that she felt fine with both egg retrievals! I hope I have that luck as well. I definitely plan on laying around and doing nothing after the retrieval tomorrow.

    Cindy, Thank you for making me feel better about the temp increase. I hope I'm just one of those girls...I do NOT want to have ovulated already. I may still be a bit constipated, I held off on the miralax yesterday just because of the surgery today. That said, I will be taking it again once I get home. I was having normal bowels up until yesterday again so I didn't think it was constipation. The pain is also centered right in the pelvic area.

    Beth, YES! Today is the day! Thank you for the good luck wishes!! I truly appreciate it. I can't believe it's actually here!


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