Thursday, July 12, 2012

CF Clinic and First Ultrasound

Wow! What a couple of days it's been!  I have decided that I truly hate driving in Chicago rush-hour traffic! I've also realized that each ultrasound appointment requires me to drive in Chicago rush-hour traffic so I'm not away from it by any means.

I'll start of with Today's appointment which was CF clinic. We began our day by finding out that our normal route was going to be inaccessible as the road had buckled and was creating a traffic nightmare, to say the least! The travel times were over two hours from about 20 miles north of us so we decided we'd try a new and different route. I'm so glad we did! We found an alternate route that got us into the city in just under an hour (an amazing time given our location and that it was 7 AM in the morning)!

As far as the actual appointment goes: AWESOME!! My FEV1 was 86% and my FVC was 136% which is awesome, and I was NOT expecting it to be that high. I was so happy, and I have been thanking God many times since getting this news. I was concerned that it would be down thus cancelling my IVF cycle in order to go on antibiotics. Instead, I got a good report and was told they were all hoping for a positive pregnancy test for me! Couldn't ask for better! :)

Now for my ultrasound report: AWESOME as well!! At this point in the IVF cycle, the follicles should be really small, there should be no cysts, the uterine lining should be really thin, and the estrogen levels should be less than 100. My follicles were tiny with no cysts, I have a very thin uterine lining, and my estrogen level was 24.  I start stimulating meds on Friday!!! I will be injecting both follistim and menopur. The menopur needs to be mixed, and I'll be heading over to my dad's house to make sure I do it correctly (he's an E.R. nurse so he's pretty good at that stuff)!

I'm not sure how I'll feel during the stim meds, but I imagine to feel bloated and a little uncomfortable. I'll be sure to let you know, though! :) Next ultrasound appointment is Wednesday so we will see how everything looks then!


  1. I'm so excited for you! Sounds like things are really heading in the right direction. =)

  2. LOL - we can make a "bloated club"! I certainly am....

    I was practically cheering aloud reading this whole post. I AM SO DARN EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! I am hoping and praying that you have that positive pregnancy test, too. And then Beth, you should be right behind us. ;) We can all be pregnant together! And Colleen too!

    ....okay, that pretty much sounds like the most awesome thing in the world. End of comment now. ;) I'm glad to hear things are going so well.

  3. My wife and I read this and we could not be more excited for the two of you!!! Great job on those PFT results:)

    The next part of your IVF journey is probably my wife's favorite mine too. You get to see all the follicles growing every ultrasound!!! I loved being able to attend these appts because it was just amazing seeing the follicles growing. It showed that all these needle pokes were working :)

    My wife did feel bloated as the IVF cycle went on so do not worry if that happens to you.

    Good luck! Keeping the two of you in our thoughts!

    Oh by the way I finally created a blog. I am not sure if it will show on my comment name? Check it out if you get a chance. I plan to update it in the near future.

  4. Yay all around!!! So glad things are falling into place! You are awesome!

  5. Great news! Will be watching for an update... good luck!

  6. You all are wonderful for being so supportive and encouraging! I am thrilled to have you all supporting me, and I can't tell you how much it means to me!

  7. John, I'm hoping that this becomes my favorite part. The stim meds have been giving me TERRIBLE headaches so I hope that passes soon as my estrogen level begins to rise. I am hoping to see the follicles growing on the next ultrasound..and hoping for no cysts! It's only a few days away now which is crazy! Also, I love your blog and I can't wait to read your updates :)


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