Current Stats

FEV1: 85% 8/23/12 (unchanged from last clinic)
FVC:  156%  (8/23/12 up from last CF clinic.)
FEF 25-75%: Unsure for 8/23/12
Goal: As high as I can get them. I'm shooting for the high 80s with my FEV1 right now but ultimately I'd love them in the 90s or higher, obviously. To complete my goal, I'm being 100% compliant with my treatments and including exercise into my daily routine.

A1C: 6.2 (updated 8/23- up .2 from previous check)
Goal: As close to, or a little under 6.0 as possible. 

Weight: 117.6 (updated 8/23/12)
Goal: 120!! Insulin and eating hundreds of additional calories a day is helping me achieve this goal.