Sunday, July 15, 2012

A week from tomorrow. . .

A week from tomorrow and I could possibly be having my egg retrieval done. It's crazy that it's all moving so quickly, but I'm ready to be off of all these meds already..that's for sure.

No real "updates" per say, but I have been getting TERRIBLE headaches with the Follistim injections. They are to the point where they make me sick to my stomach and I don't want to move. It's like intense pressure all through my head, and it happens in the afternoon each day. When I take the Menopur, it starts to get a bit better. It's strange...

Also, I expected the Menopur to be terrible after reading many reports of how bad the injection burned. Well, I've had Lovenox (blood thinner) injections so maybe that's why burning has a different definition for me, but the Menopur injections aren't bad at ALL. I do push the drug REALLY slowly to avoid any potential burning, but honestly the Menopur is a piece of cake. To be fair, all the injections have been easy (this could be due to my CFRD and taking insulin already), it's just been the side effects that are rough.

It's late morning now, and I can already feel that headache creeping in from the morning injection of Follistim. It is truly some of the worst head pain I've ever will ALL be worth it when I hold that precious little angel in my arms...


  1. Ugh! So sorry to hear about the headaches. :( That sounds miserable! I know this sounds crazy but when I was having my daily sinus migraines for most of this year, I found it really helpful to eat a square of VERY dark chocolate (like 85% cacao - otherwise it had too much sugar and the sugar just irritated it!), take a tylenol extra strength, and drink a big glass of water. Chocolate is a vasodilator, and that combo of chocolate + water + tylenol usually really helped, especially if I laid down with my eyes closed for awhile to help it go away. Good luck!

    I've felt kind of that way about these progesterone suppositories - I had heard and read horrible things, that they were so nasty, painful, caused horrible mood swings, gas, bloating, nausea, etc. etc. etc. Honestly, they haven't been that bad! I think they have made my preexisting symptoms a little stronger, but not horrible. As for them being so gross... well, as I told Mahon, that was probably said by somebody who didn't have CF and so hasn't been using suppositories and creams for yeast infections for 12 years!!!

  2. Hang in there Megan! I do not recall my wife experiencing these headaches but I am sure it is related to the drugs somehow. Enjoy this amazing week of watching the follicles grow!!!! I hope that next week you will have your egg retrieval complete.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I plan to update it soon but was very busy painting the baby's room. Lets just say I am still sticking to my day job and am not going to become a painter :)

  3. I am so sorry you are getting headaches :( I hope the whole process goes by quickly so you can enjoy the end results!!

  4. Cindy, thank you so much for your advice. I do think it has been helping a bit as the days go on. I appreciate all your natural remedies to things as I hate taking any more medicine than I have to.

    John, I'm so excited to hear that you're painting the baby's room! You should post pictures of it when you are done! I would love to see it!! I hope you are doing well!

    Inhaling, thank you so much. Yes..I'm waiting to enjoy the end result that's for sure!


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