Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Letter to My (Almost) 7-Month-Old Daughter

My dearest Sydney,

It's been awhile, and I've missed a few months of letters to you, but today you are napping peacefully in your car seat after dropping Daddy off at work which means today I have time to write.

I'm not sure how time has flown by this quickly, and this is the first year in my life where it's two weeks before Christmas, and I don't feel like it should even be December yet. Life has been moving at a quick pace for awhile now, but since you were born time began flying at an exponentially fast speed.

Because of this, I find myself sneaking in extra cuddles and kisses, forgoing my dirty dishes and laundry, and just staring at you while you sleep. And you know what, that's okay. It's okay because you won't be little forever, and you have already changed so much since birth. If I had spent those precious  moments cleaning then I wouldn't have quite as many memories and photos. Children have a way of drastically changing one's priorities. That's a good thing.

In fact, I've been putting off my chores to cherish memories a bit more than normal in the last few weeks because you have begun to start wanting more and more independent time. You want to be on the floor, in your jumper, or sitting beside me on the couch rather than be cuddled in my arms. You still enjoy house tours and us carrying you, but you'd much prefer chewing on Sophie while lying on your stomach and staring at the Christmas tree.

My independent girl.

Your desire to do things on your own already blows me away. Feeding times are now you holding the bottle with your feet or hands (you still can't tip it up enough at the beginning which means we hold it for you, but it must be held discreetly or you will get upset that we are helping you) while you lie on the floor (because mom's arms just aren't a cool place to be anymore), and play time means less interaction with me and more interaction with your blocks, rings, and balls.

So when the time comes throughout the day when you start getting fussy, rubbing your eyes, and pulling on your ears, I run to you and swoop you into my arms eager to cuddle you close to my heart. I snuggle you into me, give you a pacifier, and watch as you stroke my shirt and drift into sleep. And I breathe. I breathe in your scent, and I feel my chest move slowly up and down as the comfort of having you near me overwhelms me.

Watching you transform from that cuddly newborn to an increasingly mobile and self-soothing infant is beautiful and hard all at the same time. I wish these snuggly days would last longer, but I so thoroughly enjoy watching you learn and grow. I have a sneaking suspicion that this feeling will forever stay as I continue to watch you change and develop into a beautiful young woman. So I live in the moment, and I enjoy those close times together as thoroughly as I can. I know they are fleeting so I grasp each one I can get. I believe you will be one of those little girls who must do it all on her own and simply doesn't have the time to cuddle with Mommy or Daddy too often.

But for today you are (almost) 7 months old. And at 7 months, I still get to cuddle and hold you throughout the day. I still feed you (sort of) bottles, and I still help you with sippy cups, grabbing toys, and eating food. So what are you doing at 7 months?

Well, we've covered that you like to feed yourself, but you are also sitting with complete control on your own. You catch yourself if you tip to the side or backward (most of the time), and you rarely cry if you fall over. As of last night, you pushed up on your hands and knees and began rocking in order to get to the wrapping paper rolls Mommy had left out on the ground. You succeeded in moving three feet to get them, and you threw a tantrum when I took you away. You are starting to really babble, and your favorite thing to say is "inga" over and over again. You will say "da da" occasionally when we ask you to, and sometimes we SWEAR it sounds like you say "I love you." You are currently sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room more often than your own because of the pesky eczema which keeps you up and scratching throughout the night. Your favorite toys are Sophie the Giraffe, your links, and books. Oh do you love books. And your favorite food is carrots. At your 6 month appointment (about a week ago), you measured 26 1/2 inches and 14 pounds 4 ounces. You are growing like a weed, and we couldn't be happier.

I can hardly believe the changes you have made just in the last month, and I am so looking forward to the changes the New Year will bring. I'm imagining you will be almost crawling by Christmas, and that means I will probably lose even more cuddle time. That's okay though because you are doing just what you're supposed to do. I just hope you know that Mommy is always going to be here for those snuggles. Even when you're a grown adult.

I love you so much, baby girl!