Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Decisions!

So, I got the call back from my R.E.'s nurse at U of C with the list of dates. I am supposed to start injections on June 26th and will have my egg retrieval the week of July 23.  She told me that I would be starting on Lupron injections the 26th of June.

Being my cautious (some may say paranoid) self, looked up the side effects of Lupron, and now I'm not so sure I want to do this. I react badly to drugs a LOT, and the side effects of Lupron are no joke. Basically Lupron is a drug used to treat Advanced prostate cancer and it has been called by some, a "poison" as the side effects can be serious. It is also used to treat endometriosis.  It is used off-label for IVF (basically, it's not one of the "approved uses" of the drug), and it is VERY common practice to use it in an IVF cycle. To see the side effects please go here.  This list is similar to the others I have found across multiple drug sites.  Basically the drug will shut down the pituitary gland from producing the LH hormone, thus ensuring that ovulation does not happen prematurely. It sounds like a good idea, but the horror stories (and yes, I realize they are rare, and they are titled "horror stories" for a reason) make me nervous.

As I said, I react badly to a lot of drugs, and many of the "horror story" reports state that patients who have taken Lupron have experienced irreversible effects from the drug. It also has side effects of high blood sugar (I already have diabetes) and is used with caution in individuals who have a prolonged QT interval (which I do). Needless to say, I'm nervous. I actually called the doctor today to see if there is a way to go about the IVF cycle without this drug (Waiting to hear back from them).  There's just something in my gut which tells me NOT to go on this drug. It may be fear, but my gut usually doesn't steer me wrong. If I can't find an alternative way to go about this process, I may just go back to naturally trying because I just don't feel comfortable taking the Lupron...even if it is for my dream of being a mommy.

Anybody out there with any ideas or who has used Lupron for IVF? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I don't have any experience with IVF, but I understand the gut vs. fear debate in your head. Normally I would say go with your gut, but then again your doctors have done lots of tests and cleared you for this process... so it seems like you should trust them too? I guess it will come down to either going for it or possibly giving up IVF? Let us know how your research goes and what you decide...

  2. Good luck!!! I had that happen once - I got prescribed metaclopramide for my gut issues, read up on the side effects, and had a HORRIBLE feeling about it. I ended up deciding it wasn't worth it, but not nearly so much was riding on it! I will ask my mom if she did Lupron during her IVF. I am praying for you to make the right decision! I know I've asked this but I can't remember - have you guys discussed adoption at all? That is what we plan to do if we can't get pregnant naturally or via Clomid.

    Also, have you thought of doing just Clomid for a cycle or two? The chances are much lower of it working, but at the same time, you never know...

  3. I didn't use Lupron for either of my IVF cycles... There is another drug you can use for LH suppression... I used suprefact for the long term suppression and Cetrotide starting the 5th day of stims... I am not sure which protocol you are using but most recently I did the GnRH-antagonist protocol. I also did another protocol that was more conservative. I am happy to give you any IVF-related advice you may need... I should also say (given your last post and your worries) that the home shots are nothing (and I am a BIG whimp) and even the retrieval is really nothing (which here in canada, they don;t put you under for-- you ususally must stay awake, although mildly sedated). I have my fingers crossed for you!
    Oh, and hi! I have de-lurked for a rare moment... I am a bad commenter...

  4. OK, I asked my mom. She says she is pretty sure she was on Lupron and didn't have any side effects.

  5. My name is Maria and I am married to the most perfect husband who has Cf. Last may i found out i carry a rare gene of Cf and on top of that i found out a mouth later that i was completely infertile. So i had to have my left tube out and most of the my left ovary. With this surgury i found out i had lots of allergies leaving me with hives for three months. So i know how it feels to be afraid of drugs because of allergies.

    Then we had to set up a probe with RGI to test my embryos for Cystic Fibosis. This was very smooth and a easy process.

    Then i completed two rounds of IVF both using Lupron. To my surprise I had no reactions to the drug. I miscarried with the first round but the second was a big success!!!!! I am now 5 months pregnant with my baby girl Alayna Marie!!!! Mircles happen!! I know how stressfull this can be with cf and infertility and having a baby growing inside of you. Everyday i worry about my little baby but it is so worth it.

  6. I want to thank you all so much for your comments about the Lupron. I feel so much better about using it!! I am so grateful for you ladies taking the time to explain your situations (or to ask your mom)with Lupron. Truly, so grateful for you all!


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