Thursday, October 20, 2011

High-Risk OB

Warning: Do not read this post if you are at all uncomfortable with words like cervix, or mucus!

I just returned home from my visit with the high-risk OB and I'm feeling so much more confident about TTC.  My doctor is up at University of Chicago, just like every other doctor. This is nice because all the departments can talk to each other if anything ever happens.

I really liked the OB that I was referred to. He has a very laid back and calm personality which is exactly what I (as an uptight, nervous woman) will need when I'm pregnant. We went over all of my medical history and all of my medications. He did a full exam and scheduled an ultrasound for next week, but other than that he doesn't feel the need for any more tests at this point in time. I've had a full cardio workup, so he's not too concerned there. He is perfectly ok with me getting pregnant and in fact said he has no concerns about a future pregnancy.  He has had other CF patients and he said that the patients that were approved of being healthy enough to have a pregnancy have done very well.  It is comforting to know that your doctor has taken care of other patients with the same condition.

I was going to ask him about Mucinex since I have seen others on the forums that have gotten pregnant after using it, until he said that my cervical mucus looks....NORMAL. I promise you if I wasn't on that little exam table, I might have fallen to the ground. I was expecting him to say that it was non-existent or that it was very thick..but nope..normal.  We also agreed that the main problem seems to be that I'm not ovulating, but as I have not been off of the pill for over a year, he's not terribly concerned by that factor. He wants me to keep trying until January. If at that point we still are not pregnant, he is referring me to the infertility clinic.  So, if my silly body will just ovulate there is a real chance we could conceive on our own.  I'm stunned by this news..absolutely stunned.

So after an hour and a half meeting/exam with him, he walked out of the room, giving me the following advice, "Now, go get pregnant!"

I left feeling content, shocked, and confident.  When I walked in, there was some concern that he would tell me I'm not healthy enough for a pregnancy or that he is too concerned of my health to go through with a pregnancy. Having those fears eased is the best feeling in the world!!


  1. Yay!!! Best news ever!! Hopefully your body will naturally regulate and you will start to ovulate. Heck, it really only needs to ovulate once to get pregnant since it only takes one egg. I am so glad the appointment went well and I hope your bfp is right around the corner.

    I think as CFers we are so used to our bodies not working correctly that it can be surprising when they do work the way they should! Way to go on the CM and everything looking good!

  2. Thank you so much! I was thrilled about it! I agree with you, as a CFer I just expect something to be wrong..I don't expect it to work the way it's supposed to!!

  3. Awesome news, glad to hear it! :) My high-risk OB gave me the same advice when I was leaving his office a couple weeks ago...and I responded, "If it was only that easy!"

  4. Thank you Colleen! I thought the exact same thing when he said that. I wanted to say, "Isn't that what I've been trying to do for awhile now?" lol. I wish it was just that easy!


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