Monday, October 17, 2011

An exciting week!

This week is going to be a challenging week for my husband. I wish there was a way that I could make it easier for him, but other than providing food and comfort, my hands are tied. 
Since it’s going to be such a long/hard week, I figured I would take some time to write about a few things I’m grateful for and excited for this week.

#1) My sister is coming over for a visit today.
I am so blessed to have such a close relationship with both of my sisters, but unfortunately only one lives close to me.  My sister, Ellen, normally works 40 hours a week and commutes over 10 hours a week, so our time to hang out is rather limited.  Today, she’s going to come and spend some time with me.  Normally during our hangouts, we talk a lot and do very little of anything else.  It’s nice to just catch up with each other and give advice to each other, and I look forward to our time together (however limited it may be).

#2) Fall is definitely here
We have been experiencing an Indian Summer in Illinois, but the last few days the weather has drastically changed. Today, I woke up to a 32 degree wind chill and even thought about turning on the heat.  I’m ready for the chilly air this month and I’m getting excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before we know it, Christmas.

#3) My library is now participating in Kindle sharing
Last Christmas, my parents gave us a Kindle, and I have absolutely enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, I do not buy books anymore (too expensive, and we have too little money), and I was running out of good, free books to read on the Kindle.  Because of this, I was making weekly trips to the library, which I enjoy but sometimes I just want a new book without leaving the house.  Yesterday, I logged on to the library website and noticed that Kindle sharing was finally here! I immediately jumped onto the website and downloaded my first library e-book! It was so exciting, and I’m already greatly enjoying my new story!!

#4) I see the high-risk OB/GYN on Thursday
This is the one I’m probably the most excited for.  I was referred by my Nurse Practitioner last week and I have the appointment this week already. I’m excited to meet with the doctor and make sure that he doesn’t want any additional testing done. I’m also interested to share my charting with him to see what he has to say. I’ve been charting for 2 cycles now and have noticed that my basal body temperature never rises enough to indicate ovulation. Also, I never have egg-white CM – EVER.  I am curious to see his reaction to this information. I know we haven’t been trying for too long (since July), but it seems like it’s been forever. I’m not getting discouraged, but I am ready to be pregnant at the same time.

There are so many more people/items/experiences I am excited or grateful for this week, but these are the top ones on my list right now.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!


  1. Aww I think sister's are one of the very best things in life!! Probably a dumb question, but what is an Indian summer? I guess we don't have them out here because I never heard of them before.

  2. Not a dumb question at all. I doubt you have it out in California at all. Indian Summer is when you experience the first frost of the season and then the temperatures go back up to the 80s/90s for awhile. It makes for beautiful trees, but it really plays with your body lol.

  3. Thanks for the explanation! We rarely see a frost here so it makes sense that we don't have Indian summers, but we also don't get the same beautiful fall trees that you guys get :( I used to live in the Midwest and although I have yet to miss the snow I really do miss the amazing fall!


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