Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CFRD appointment and Ultrasound

Today was an interesting day, that's for sure.

I had my endocrinologist appointment to discuss my CFRD (my regular doctor is back from maternity leave now, so I wanted to see her).  She was actually really happy with my numbers and said she wasn't concerned at all about getting them under control during pregnancy. We came to the conclusion that during pregnancy, I will be put on an insulin pump so that I don't have to worry about wanting to eat at anytime during the day.  But for now, I'm going to continue what I'm doing and add the most minimal amount of NPH (long lasting) insulin as possible at night time.  Hopefully this will help control my overnight high.

Then, she told me she had bad news.  She's leaving the hospital to move to Atlanta.  I promise you that I was almost in tears. I love this doctor and I feel like she really grasped CFRD and worked well with it, and now she's leaving.  She will put me back with the previous doctor (whom I didn't necessarily care for) at the end of November when she leaves. This was my last time seeing her...and I'm very saddened by this.  I'm sure it will all be fine, but once you build a rapport with a doctor, you hate to see them leave.

After that, I went to get an ultrasound done since my high-risk OB wanted a baseline to have on file.  I ended up having to have both types of ultrasound which is not the most pleasant experience.  Then, when the ultrasound tech had spent about 10 minutes on one area I asked her what was wrong.  The problem, she said, was that she couldn't find my right ovary.  Well after fully looking for 5 more minutes, it was determined that my right ovary was nowhere to be found on my right side.

The last ultrasound I had, due to a 5 cm ovarian cyst, showed that my right ovary was on the left side.  I told her that and she proceeded to look, but couldn't find it there either.  Instead, she saw multiple cysts in my left ovary.

So with that said, I'm not sure where my right ovary is or if it even exists in my body, and it looks like my left ovary is a little screwed up.  This could be why I'm not ovulating, and I have a feeling I might be visiting my high-risk OB or infertility a little sooner than expected.


  1. Oh man, I had to have both kinds of ultrasounds recently to check for ovarian cysts and it was NOT fun! I didn't mind the internal one actually... but the external one on a full bladder about KILLED me!

  2. UGH! Those are terrible! I had to have that last time I had my ovarian cyst, but she didn't make me drink prior to this one so the external was a breeze. The internal lasted almost 30 minutes due to her struggling to find my right ovary, and she had to press on the outside of my abdomen at the same time which was a little painful. I'm sorry you recently had both done, Cindy!

  3. I am so sorry you are having a hard time! Having ovarian cysts seems relatively common so hopefully the infertility specialist will have advice on conceiving. I hope that they can find an easy solution. Keep us posted.

  4. Thank you for the comment! I'm trying to think as positively as I can, but it's hard today. I really did want this process to be as natural as possible and now I'm worried I have only one ovary and the one I do have doesn't do its job. I hope it's an easy solution too, thank you!!


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