Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hmmm...Lung Infection or Just Tired?

I will blog more about what a wonderful day I had today, tomorrow, but for now just a quick post.

Yesterday, I was exhausted. I slept..a lot. I woke up from 2 separate naps, still feeling worn out.  I was thinking, "Hmm wonder if this is a lung infection coming on,"

Today, I woke up with TONS of energy, but around 3 o'clock I started feeling miserable - exhausted, lung pain, weak, achey.  I then ate dinner and found some renewed energy.  Then, two hours later, it was gone.  I feel the same way. It doesn't make me feel to happy!  I hope it's just exhaustion, but I worry it might be something more.  Guess we'll see what happens in the next day or two.


  1. We are totally in the same boat!!! I definitely have a little something brewing in my lungs and sinuses, but I don't know yet if it's going to turn into something really big or not. In general, though, if I push myself too hard or get too little sleep, I start running low-grade fevers and get REALLY tired. Story of my last few weeks!!! I hope that we both get feeling better ASAP!

  2. Take it easy this weekend and feel better. Maybe a movie marathon day will do the trick?

  3. I hope you're feeling better! Maybe this will cheer you up - I gave you a blogger award:


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