Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out of my "funk". . .

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have finally managed to get out of my "funk" of the last two days and move on to happier feelings.  The weather around me is dreary, chilly, and wet.  It's definitely more of a stay inside and cuddle day and that's perfectly fine with me. 

This morning, I woke up with the cleaning bug attached to me.  I immediately began cleaning the bathrooms and am going to move onto the kitchen after finishing my first treatment of the day.  I love when I get the desire to clean like a madwoman.  The house looks beautiful and smells so fresh when I'm done and this satisfies me to no end.  I'm even hoping to convince my husband to help me move the fall decorations out of storage today so I can begin putting them up throughout the week. 

Obviously, you can probably tell I'm starting to feel better.  My cold has moved to my chest but with the help of hypersal, I'm starting to move the junk out of my chest.  I'm still congested in my upper airways, but not enough to warrant an antibiotic.  I think I'm slowly managing to kick this bug on my own, but if I start feeling worse again, I won't hesitate to go on cipro or levaquin.

With that said, I'm in the mood to cook a hearty dinner tonight and something pumpkin early this coming week. I'm leaning toward the Libby pumpkin roll (a standard of mine, come fall).  I love the cream cheese center, and since I'm taking insulin I will be able to enjoy a decent amount of it this year. 
I also like to make a few of them at a time and give them out to people. I love giving and I wish I had an endless supply of money and food to give away. 

On that note, hubby and I have started playing the lotto.  I know, I know, the odds are beyond against us and it's a big waste of money, but it gives us a little minute of excitement to look forward to as we scratch off the cards or wait for the numbers to be drawn.  We are only doing a dollar here and there.  Overall, we're enjoying it and it's better than the numerous other vices we could be doing!!

Wish us luck!! :-)

I am continuing to keep all my cysters and fibros who are ill and having a hard time in my prayers. I'm also asking everyone to continue to keep Nicole in your prayers as she is now needing to get off the ventilator and breathe on her own.  The baby is doing fine and will be delievered at 32 weeks as long as everything remains fine.  Please continue to pray for her as she needs as many good thoughts and positive, healing vibes as possible.

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