Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adding a new blog . . . kinda

I haven't posted today because I have been quite busy moving some of my content from this blog onto a wordpress account.  I've been trying to compare blogger and wordpress for a few days now and I figured out that the best way to do so is by actually using both of them.  I also have wanted to create a public blog ever since starting this one but didn't know how to go about it.

I haven't shared this blog with friends and family because I don't want our conception journey to be public.  I do, however, want to raise awareness for CF and share my story with others.  Therefore, I decided my wordpress account would serve as a public blog. It will contain some of the same posts but will not include any details about TTC.  You are more than welcome to follow both of them, but anything that I post on wordpress will always be posted here also.  I just felt like if I didn't share it with you, I would be deceiving you somehow.

Should you choose, clicking here will allow you to access my wordpress blog.  Thank you for continuing to read about our journey and posting so many great comments! I truly appreciate it.

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