Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend, Nausea, and Crazy Temps

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their three day holiday weekend! The hubby and I had a wonderful time up at Lake Geneva with our family, even though it was a very short trip.  I didn't, however, think we were going to ever make it up there between packing, loading the car, and the unfortunate incident about an hour into our trip.

When we pack for trips, my hubby always makes me go through a mental checklist as to ensure we have everything.  So I went through my checklist, four times in my head, confident I had everything we needed.  So we scurried out the door, put on some favorite tunes, and started singing loudly as we made our way to Lake Geneva. After making two wrong turns (courtesy of my poor directing skills and unfocused brain) we were finally headed in the right direction - still singing away and happy until . . . I realized I left my nebulizers at home.

Had I left a medication or an article of clothing or toiletries, we could always pick those up.  Instead, I leave one of the only things we can NOT get anywhere else.  So, an hour into our drive, we had to turn around and grab the nebulizers from the house. It wasn't terrible, but it meant missing dinner with our family which made us upset.

Other than that drama, the weekend was great and I even purchased some yummy caramel corn with pecans.


Now onto pregnancy related things. My doctor made a strict deal with me. She was fine with our TTC as long as I gained 5 pounds. I am 4 pounds of the way there, thanks to the addition of insulin, which I did NOT want to start but realized I would have to use with a baby anyway so it seemed silly to put it off any longer. Up until this point, I had been managing my sugars with diet and keeping my A1C at 6.0 or around there which is great, except I wasn't putting on any weight. So now, in two months time I am up almost five pounds and enjoying foods like caramel corn and milkshakes, which I haven't enjoyed in a couple years.  Well, last night I had a scare with my new insulin program.

I took my insulin, prepared to sit down and have an awesome meal (Mac and cheese with a caramel apple..yes I love caramel).  All was good until I smelled the food and then felt like I couldn't take a bite or I would upchuck it everywhere! I ate slowly, feeling sick with every bite but I managed to get it down. It did, however, make me nervous about morning sickness with insulin. If I can't eat, or I throw up, then my sugars are going to bottom out. Definitely a question for my endocrinologist at my next appointment.

So, I was nervous but the nausea stayed at bay until today at lunch time. We got home and when I walked into the house, a certain smell triggered a wave of nausea again. My dear hubby thinks I'm crazy because he has a cold and can't smell anything. Well, it passed and we sat down to eat another big meal (more insulin) and sure enough, I thought it was all going to come up again.  Then, as soon as I smelled dinner tonight, I thought so again.

Now despite the fact that it's way too early for nausea, I was getting myself excited thinking it could be a pregnancy!! However, my BBTs (Basal Body Temps) haven't even indicated that I've ovulated yet this cycle. I had one day of higher temps and then it fell right back down to around 96.8 and has been hovering there for the last few days. So as much as I want to get my hopes up, it seems like it's just a stomach flu of some kind.

I'm thinking it's going to be awhile until I get my dear AF also because my BBTs are so low, even though I'm on day 28 of my cycle. It's irritating because now I don't know when I will be "late" or when to expect anything. This charting thing is harder than it sounds, that's for sure.  I guess the only thing to do is keep trying all the way until my temp spikes and hope this nausea goes away very soon because it sure is disrupting my days!


  1. Reading about you forgetting your nebs made me gasp so loud my husband had to ask if I was okay! I hope the nausea goes away! That is miserable! How much do you weigh if you don't mine me asking. I am 5'4" and 125lbs. My OB says to gain more and my CF doc says I am okay. Crossing my fingers that you might be pregnant and your charting was wrong about ovulating!!

  2. LOL! I did the same response when I realized I left them...hubby responded with, "Oh no.." rather than an "are you ok?"

    I am also 5'4" but I went into this at 110 and I'm now 114. Doctor wants me up to 120 preferably but we're excited about the 114 at this point! I was carb-restritcing which I realize is a big no no for CF but I really didn't want to go on insulin. It's crazy how fast the weight has been added in just a few short weeks but now I think I'm in a rut..gotta get above the 114 mark!

    I think your weight is awesome!! I would love to have that weight! As long as your CF doc says it's ok, I'd assume you'd be fine?

  3. Again, I'm at a similar point. I'm 5'4'' and 122lbs and my CF doctor is fine with that. I'm trying to find a high-risk OB just in case. My husband and I decided last night that we're going to really start trying and timing things, I'm so excited!!! I'm not sharing it on my blog though because I have a lot of family that reads it and I don't want to feel their pressure. But I'm glad I'm able to tell someone!
    Here's to our journey!!!:-)

  4. Congratulations Colleen! How exciting!!!! I will remember the day we decided for the rest of my life - it was a wave of emotions. I understand not sharing it - none of my family knows I'm blogging. I'm sharing it on cf forums but definitely not on facebook. I'm so excited for you and your hubby! I'm glad we are all going through this together too - makes it easier!

  5. Hi :) I am so glad you found my blog! Congratulations on this journey you are beginning. It is definitely exciting and frustrating at times. My blood sugars are in very good control and have been for awhile. My A1C one month prior to conceiving was 5.2. My OB watches my numbers very carefully, as high sugars can greatly impact the baby. If you have any questions, feel free to send me & thanks again for following me!!


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