Friday, November 4, 2011


I posted this blog to my wordpress account as well.  Therefore, although it still encompasses what's going on in my life, it is DEFINITELY not detailed in any way, shape, or form.  I state that we've had an exhausting week physically/emotionally, but in reality that might just be the understatement of the year.  Regardless, I promised I would post whatever was posted there, on here. So, with that said, here it is:

Numbers 6:24-26
“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be cracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you are all doing well and have had a wonderful and blessed week!
This week has been extremely stressful and emotionally/physically draining for us.  My husband and I are both ready to just go out for a date night tonight and put this week behind us.  We have been reinstating “date night” into our lives, and it feels good.  It provides us with something to look forward to every weekend, and it allows us to just focus on each other for a few hours every week.

Our date nights aren’t usually expensive, but they’re fun.  We typically take out a frozen pizza after I pick David up from work.  We eat at home and then head out to catch a movie in the cheap show.  Ahh, the cheap show.  We have an amazing theater just about 15 minutes away from us and it shows movies that are about to come out on DVD for a highly discounted price.  We saw Crazy, Stupid Love last week, and I’m sure we’ll see something fun this week as well.  We then sometimes head to the mall or other stores to window shop (this is really more for my benefit than my husband’s).  Then, it’s back home where we typically watch another movie or TV show together on the couch.  By the time Friday ends, we’ve spent about a total of $7 (pizza, movie tickets, and gas included) for a wonderful evening!

Other than date night this weekend, we are also looking forward to family birthdays! We will be celebrating my husband’s brother’s birthday, and his great-aunt’s birthday! I always enjoy celebrating birthdays, and David’s family (my family) always has fun with birthdays.  For David and me, the most important part of the birthday is the gift-giving process. We are both givers, and we love watching reactions when our gifts are opened.  We have both said numerous times that we would much rather give gifts than receive them!

Time-change is also this weekend, which means we gain an extra hour of sleep!  Gaining an hour of sleep is one of the best feelings!  It will also be nice to see sunshine when driving David to work again. The last few days it has been pitch black when we’re headed to the school.  It’s depressing and hard to wake up when it’s that dark outside. I can’t wait for this time-change!!

With all of this fun, there must be work as well.  David will be spending a significant portion of time working on schoolwork this weekend, as he always does.  I really wonder if his fellow colleagues have any idea how much dedication, time, and effort he puts into these kids every single day.  He is truly remarkable!  While he works, I will be organizing various parts of the house, going through bills, taking down Halloween decorations, and any other odd jobs that I can find to do (there’s always plenty)!
All in all, it should be a fabulous weekend and a wonderful way to unwind and recharge.
Before I go, however, I need to share what I’m thankful for today.  This morning, I thought it was appropriate to say that I’m very thankful for weekends.  We always take the time to enjoy our weekends and typically we see some part of our family each weekend as well.  We are both thankful that no matter how hard the week has been, we always have Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday to call our own and live out to the fullest.  There are some weeks, like this current one, where we would be LOST without that time. 

I wish you all a happy, blessed, and enjoyable weekend! 


  1. We are big advocates for cheap date nights! We haven't been too careful about weekly date nights in the past, because usually we end up with a few "date nights" during the week - just because it's just us and now that Mahon is out of school, our evenings are usually mostly free. However, right now we have a friend living with us temporarily and we just decided recently that we really need to work on having dedicated date nights while she is here. It's sort of like having a kid will be. ;) We just need some time to ourselves every now and then!

  2. I think date nights are one of the best things you can do for a marriage! It is different than just hanging out because you have dedicated tha time to just the two of you and it gives you something to look forward to.

    I also forgot about the time change. Yay! I am so excited to get a little sun in the morning while getting to work.

    I am sorry you had such a hard week and I know it is probably one of the hardest in your marriage. I am keeping you in my thoughts daily!

  3. Cindy - I'm so glad that you guys enjoy cheap date nights also!! I imagine it must be more of a necessity now that you have a friend living with you. Hopefully if you can figure out how to still include them now, then once you have a baby it will be easy to include them then also. :)

    Inhaling Hope - I agree with you! One of the BEST things for a marriage :) I'm also glad I reminded you of the time change! YAY! It's so nice to get that extra hour of sleep AND see sunshine in the morning! :) Also, thank you for the continued thoughts - they mean a lot to me. We are hoping this year will go down as the hardest year of our marriage.


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