Thursday, April 4, 2013

30 weeks

30 weeks, and I feel pretty tiny actually. I think I expected to be bigger at this point.

Dear baby girl,

There was a part of me that really didn't think I'd make it to the third trimester. I had faith, but I worried that something would go wrong because my body has failed me in so many other regards throughout my life. After talking with other women who have gone through infertility, this seems to be a pretty common feeling and worry. Now, that part of me is hoping all goes well with delivery.

It is so hard to believe that in eight short weeks you will be here, and I will be holding you in my arms and kissing your tiny face and hands. It's so surreal that I can hardly find words to describe it. You move so much inside of me every day, but I still have a hard time imagining you as a newborn that I can hold in my arms.

I have been so very blessed to carry you, and I love you  more than I could have ever imagined already. You are my miracle baby girl, and it seems that the entire world is so excited to meet you and hold you.

As I get closer to my due date, I've realized there are a few things I never want to forget about this experience (well really I never want to forget any of it because it's been such a blessing) and about your personality in the womb.

- You LOVE to stretch. You are a kicker and mover, but you are even more of a stretcher. You love to push your back out on my right side and then stick your feet out on my far left. It's such a funny feeling! Now, your daddy and I were joking that you are trying to escape through my bellybutton because you push so hard and for so long at a time that it seems you want out.

- You get a lot of hiccups. You get hiccups all the time. I feel them almost every day (sometimes when I'm really busy I don't notice them), and it seems like they bother you which makes me feel so sad for you. Once you start in with the hiccups, you start kicking and moving around so much for a few minutes. It seems like you almost realize they aren't going away and give up fighting them after a little bit. Each time they happen, I try to rub your back and tell you it will be okay. I feel so bad for you.

- You don't startle. There are a LOT of loud noises in this house. Goodness, my coughing alone is enough to wake a city block, but you don't seem to mind. You may have been startled by a noise two or three times total this whole pregnancy, but otherwise you are perfectly content.

- You seem so easygoing. Obviously this is silly to say already, but you just feel like overall you are so content in my tummy (other than those darn hiccups). I can't possibly explain this feeling to anyone, but I just think you are a happy baby already.

- You don't like contractions or ultrasounds. I've been getting so many Braxton Hicks recently, and I notice that each time I have one you stop moving until it's over. You seem to just wait it out, but it certainly stops you from what you were doing. The same thing happens with ultrasound. You could be moving all over the place, but once they put your picture up on the screen you are as quiet as can be. I'm curious to see how you'll do with the NSTs over the next 8 weeks.

I truly feel like I'm getting to know you so much already, and I'm getting more and more excited and anxious for your birthday. I have a hard time believing it will happen because I have waited so long for this day, and I couldn't be happier to be blessed with you.


  1. I felt the opposite about Kate... I always got the impression she was SO UNHAPPY through my 3rd tri because I was contracting so much! A few days ago my mom said "I think the reason she's such a good baby is because she's just so happy not to be smashed every 3 minutes!" No kidding. I'm glad you feel like your little one is contented and happy in there. :) You're so close!!!

  2. Your experience sounds a lot like mine! K had hiccups everyday (and did after birth for a long time too!), she was a stretcher more than a kicker, and I didn't realize that babies startled in the womb so I guess she never did that either. Enjoy your last few months with an inside baby!

  3. Cindy, I think your mom is completely right that she is just happy to not be dealing with all the contractions! :) I'm so glad she is so content!!

    Inhaling, It's so funny that we've had similar experiences and are due right around the same time (just a year apart). I am trying to enjoy as much of it as possible! Pregnancy is truly amazing.


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