Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Welcome to Type 1 Diabetes!" and Other Pregnancy Updates

"Welcome to Type 1 Diabetes!"

This is the sentence my endocrinologist told me today when I went in for my check-up. Up until now, my sugars have really made sense for the most part, but not anymore! Now my sugars will spike up after a meal and then plummet over a matter of 60 minutes or so. For example, yesterday afternoon I ate and took my normal amount of insulin only to find myself at 200 two hours after my meal (not the number you want to see), and then an hour later I was 60 with no signs of low blood sugar.

Apparently, this is what being a type 1 diabetic is like. Let me say, I'm glad I'm not a type 1 diabetic. I am SO frustrated with these sugars because I have no idea where they will be at any given time, and I'm not symptomatic when I'm low anymore. 

So we increased my bolus rate yet again, and I see her in two weeks to make sure that my sugars are still doing okay. She said overall I'm doing "phenomenally" which made me feel good, but I still hate seeing these high numbers!

31 weeks and starting to feel like my belly is starting to grow again

In other news, I'm 31 weeks tomorrow which means only 7 weeks remain until I meet my little girl. Where on EARTH did time go? I've been fighting the overwhelming fatigue of third trimester + cystic fibrosis. Most days all I want to do is sleep, and I usually indulge myself in this (I still do treatments, eat, and try to walk a bit). Surprisingly, I felt great yesterday (which also happened to be my husband's birthday) so I went to the store, did some cleaning, and made dinner.

Well that was a mistake.

I think I took all that awesome energy for granted because I started having Braxton Hicks every five minutes for about an hour before they finally went to every 10 minutes after drinking plenty of water and keeping my feet up. I had my doctor appointment today, and I noticed that if I'm on my feet (even today) more than ten minutes at a time then the contractions start coming back. Makes me a bit nervous, but I've got my high-risk OB appointment tomorrow so I will be sure to ask him about it.

I also have CF clinic tomorrow, and quite honestly I'm not expecting much as far as my lung function goes. I'm struggling now, but not in a "chest infection" way..just because baby is getting bigger and bigger.

So with all of that, I guess tomorrow is a big day which will help me (hopefully) feel better about these contractions. I'll be sure to update soon. 


  1. Megan, you are looking pretty pregnant now!! I still remember when you were first starting this fertility journey :) You have come a very long way and I still remember all the roller coaster emotions you had with the IVF. In my case, knowing first hand all about this IVF and fertility process I am so excited you will soon be meeting your miracle baby! The journey is almost complete and you will embark on another journey of parenthood which I LOVE to death!!

    Good luck at your appointments :)

  2. John, thank you so much for your comments. I am getting increasingly excited to meet our little girl. I can't believe how fast it has all happened. Our infertility diagnosis seems like a year ago and yesterday all at the same time. We are definitely so blessed!


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