Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fading of Fall

My favorite season is quickly leaving me, and I have let it pass me by this year. I have been so busy with life that fall has seemingly come and gone. I look outside my window and see that most of the trees in my neighborhood are now bare, prepared for the winter chill, and I'm quite sad about this. Normally, this time of year for me is a time of picture taking, open windows, and pumpkin farms. This year, however, it has been a time of busy life happenings: doctors appointments, things related to David's work, lots of chores, extra naps, illnesses, and just being overall too busy to stop and enjoy the beauty of the season.

Thinking of fall passing me by, I realized that there is one tradition that David and I used to do all the time before we got married but have not done once since being married: carving pumpkins. I totally miss it. We used to each pick out a pattern from one of the books, enlarge it to our pumpkin's size, and carve away until we had some pretty awesome jack-o-lanterns. But for the past few years, we haven't even bought a single pumpkin, let alone carved one. I think the mess and time of it has recently outweighed the finished product to us which really saddens me. I feel like it's about time we reinstate the pumpkin carving tradition simply because it makes me happy in the end, and I can cook the pumpkin seeds (the funny thing is I don't even like the taste of pumpkin seeds, but I love to bake them).

This realization about the pumpkins led me to think of what else we need to do that we simply have never done together: apple picking. I love  the idea of apple picking, and I have never done it. I just have this desire to go and pick my own apples then come home and make a dozen different products with the fresh produce. I don't know why this idea is so appealing to me, but I imagine it has something to do with reminding me of many colonial literature books I read when I was a kid. It just sounds romantic, fun, and organic.

So, I'm hoping that before fall is over, we can at least carve pumpkins this year. And my goal is that next year or possibly the year after that we will finally go apple picking! I'll let you know how these goals turn out, but hopefully there will be cute pictures of jack-o-lanterns covering my next blog post!

Wishing all my friends and family a wonderful remainder of this beautiful season! Enjoy it while it lasts because the cold and snow is coming soon! :) 


  1. Enjoy your carving! We're doing it tonight. Honestly I hate the mess and bother of pumpkin carvings - if we didn't have our big yearly contest I might just paint it every year, LOL! But our contest is sacrosanct. ;) As for apple picking, that is one of my FAVORITE fall traditions! I missed the boat on that one this year... the apple season is apparently enough earlier in UT than in ID that I started asking around too late. I'm going to try my darndest to go next year... with our little crawler! There was a small orchard on the school campus in the town we lived in in ID and it was one of my favorite places in the world. I used to go there all the time just to read and journal. I miss it!

  2. Pumpkin carving......Maria and I are very big on carving pumpkins. We get those pumpkin carving design kits that you pin on the pumpkin and then you poke like a thousand little toothpick holes to get the design to appear. It's a lot of work but in the end they look awesome. This year we will carve a pumpkin with Alayna. She will most likely be asleep but she will be there to experience her first carving. We have to stick the pumpkin guts on her :)

    As for picking apples at an orchard Maria and I started picking apples the last couple years. We love it!! It's great to get outside and climb in a tree or use a ladder and pick them. It is also a romantic time to spend with your spouse :) Plus they are relatively cheaper than the grocery store.

    This year we didn't get to pick apples :( but there was a good reason. Next year we will be picking apples and picking a pumpkin with Alayna!

    Take cyster! Hope things are going well for you and David!


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