Friday, September 28, 2012

Confession #1

It may not surprise you that when I was a child, I was the *annoying* kid in the classroom who always had her hand up to read out loud. Even if I just read a paragraph, once the teacher would ask my hand would go up again. I simply loved reading out loud. Sadly, I think part of it was that I was really good at pronouncing hard words that the other kids couldn't pronounce. I also enjoyed adding tone and inflection to my reading because the other kids made it boring to me. So as often as I could, I would read out loud. 

Here's my confession: I still like reading out loud, even if no one is around. Sometimes stories just sound better read out loud, especially certain passages. Also, if I have a hard time understanding a passage, reading it out loud significantly helps me to grasp and retain the information. But more often than not, I'm reading young adult novels and they just sound GREAT read out loud. I try to convince myself that I'm practicing for having children, but it's not true. I just do it for fun.

Yes, I'm strange and I'm totally ok with that. :) 

About the title of this post: I plan on writing different confessions for awhile. I feel like revealing more about who I really am. This may be a dangerous idea as I may end up with no readers. 


  1. I loved this confession! I totally am guilty of reading outloud! Kyle likes when I read aloud to him because it puts him to sleep. haha.

    I also have flashbacks of being in 4th grade shooting my hand up as fast as physically possible just so I could read the first three paragraphs in our history book. Score!

  2. I love it! ;) and oh man, I was totally that kid, too. Also, when the triplets were little babies I used to read aloud from whatever I was reading at the time to them. It made it so that I could keep reading my interesting book, and it made them surprisingly happy! I totally plan to do that with our baby. I think I'm going to start reading aloud sometimes now when I'm home alone, which will make me feel a little silly, but hey, all the stuff I'm reading keeps reminding me that baby can probably hear now and so I should read to it! ;)

  3. Oh, also - I think reading aloud is a really important talent that too many people are lacking in this day and age!!!!

  4. Beth, I love that you also read out loud! YES! The first three paragraphs of the history book were the BEST!! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one!

    Cindy, I love that you did that with the triplets and plan to do it with your child as well. I think that's fantastic!! And yes!! Baby can hear! :) How exciting!!! Also, I think you are 100% correct about the fact that too many people lack the talent to read aloud. So right.

  5. Thats okay, Megan, I was that kid too.


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