Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Apologies

My apologies for ignoring my blog so much recently.  With the holidays quickly (much faster than I can even comprehend) approaching, I find myself being torn in 10 different directions with only a moment to catch a breath.

In the past week or so, I have had 3 different doctors appointments, been shopping 3 different times, had remote start put into the car, and have run about 100 errands!  In my free time, I've been trying to focus on reading a lot as I have been feeling deprived of my favorite getaway time.  I had put six or seven books on hold over the past two weeks and three of them came in after I checked out four other books, so I've got a lot to get through by Christmas time.  On one of my friend's blogs, she has detailed her books on Goodreads.  I'm not familiar with this app/site, but with my love of reading it sounds like something I would enjoy updating.

As much as I wish I had all next week to continue reading, I know that it will be even busier than this past week has been!  My mom and I always do marathon baking for Christmas (more my mom than me) and then we give goodie bags as gifts.  We always bake multiple batches of all the following: Chex Mix, buckeyes (chocolate covered peanut butter balls..much better than Reeses!), fudge, sour cream cookies with frosting, kringla, and peanut brittle.  Some years we add in peppermint bark as well or substitute the peanut brittle for peppermint bark.  Basically, next week we will be doing nothing but baking!!

I must say I love spending those days with my mom.  I look forward to baking time every year as we get together and laugh about Christmas memories.  We typically eat a good fraction of whatever we have baked, and we thoroughly enjoy each other's company.  I am extremely blessed to have her so close by me and to have the opportunity to enjoy this Christmas tradition with her.

So, as the next week and a half fly by us, I apologize to my readers if I post very very few blogs or comments.  After Christmas, everything will be settling down and I will get back to my normal blogging habits!

I wish you all a safe, productive, and merry next two weeks!!


  1. Yes, try goodreads!!! It's pretty easy to figure out and it's a TON of fun. I get so many good ideas of books to read on there - plus, I love being able to track what I've read! I usually just do very simple reviews (unless I am reviewing them for my review job), just a few lines that mostly will help me remember what I thought of the book later, since I tend to forget, LOL!

  2. Welcome back. I missed you, but understand how crazy the holidays can be.

  3. Cindy - I am excited to start using it more often. Thanks for the friend add, and I can't wait to read some of your recommendations! I also tend to forget what I've read also as I read so much and read rather quickly.

    Inhaling Hope - thank you so much! I've been enjoying your blogs so much!! I can't wait to continue to read what's going on with you and your little "peanut." :)


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