Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I could have been blogging but . . .

December is such a rushed month, and even though I say year after year that it’s not about the gifts (AND IT’S NOT) they do seem to require a priority focus for a good part of the month.  It seems like there is always shopping to be done, gifts to be wrapped, cookies or goodies to be made, and parties to attend!  While I’m not complaining in the slightest, the above activities have consumed my life for the better part of December. 

Today, I have officially finished every last bit of shopping, wrapping, and shipping that needed to be done.  There is still some baking to do, but that can wait just a couple more days.  It feels good to finally be done, and to be able to relax and focus on the simpler parts of the Christmas season.   Although I feel guilty not adding to my blog very much this month, I have been enjoying some of my favorite Christmas past times.  Here’s what I’ve been doing INSTEAD of blogging:

1.  Singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs!  I love Christmas music, and I love to sing which isn’t a good thing for anyone within a 10 mile radius of me.  I have been enjoying the constant holiday radio station which plays continuous Christmas music and shares heartwarming Christmas stories.  Some of my favorite songs THIS year (yes, it changes each year) are:  Silent Night, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Do You Hear What I Hear?, and Carol of Bells.   

2. Reading a variety of books.  I can never read just one book at a time.  I’m currently reading three different books and none of them are Christmas stories (shame on me).  As soon as I finish these, I will head on to the holiday novels!  Reading has always been a way for me to unwind and escape which is why I find myself reading a lot in December.

3    3.Working on David’s Christmas present.  David has about 200 different CDs that have never been put into iTunes or onto his iPod.  I’m working my best to get those into the computer, labeled correctly, and then synced for him by Christmas. It’s a LONG process, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

4    4. Trying to relax the last two nights as I’ve had massive sinus headaches.  Unfortunately, due to recent bloodwork showing elevated liver enzyme levels, I’m not allowed to take any sort of pain medication. Period.  It makes for not fun nights when these sinus headaches kick in, and the last two days have been rather rough.  I’m hoping tonight that a good solid 8 hours of sleep will cure it.  I’ve been doing sinus rinses as much as possible in the meantime, hoping to help relieve some of the pressure. 

So there you have it! Christmas is now 4 days away and while most people are still rushing around, I’m staying warm and relaxed inside the comfort of my home.  I hope you all have a safe, and somewhat relaxing next few days leading up to the holiday!! Remember, despite what it seems like, the gifts AREN’T the real reason for the season so take a moment to breathe and do something for YOURSELF over the next few days!


  1. Sinus headaches have been kicking my tail this month too! They're not 100% sinus headaches... they are some horrible alchemical combination of a sinus headache and an optical migraine brought on by my anti-fungal meds. It's horrible! I find that even if I for whatever reason can't take a pain pill, there are a few things that help... first, sudafed or another decongestant. Second, do you have a "rice bag" (a sock or small sewn pack filled with plain white rice)? You microwave them for a minute or two and they retain heat. If I put that over the affected sinus(es) it tends to help quite a bit. Also at night because I've had a hard time breathing through my nose I have been putting a little dab of vicks vapo rub underneath my nose, and it's helped a surprising amount.

    I hope your sinuses clear up soon and that your liver enzymes go down!

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry you've been dealing with similar issues (though yours sound worse than mine). Thanks for the tips - I have never heard of the rice bag. I'll have to check that out! I have Vick's vapor rub, and it does help me when I'm congested. :) I appreciate the suggestions - can't wait to try them.


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