Thursday, December 18, 2014

Misbehaving Lungs and New Ideas

Two posts within a month?! Look at me go!

My lungs decided that since I told everyone in writing that they were behaving well, they were going to prove they still control things this week. Go figure. I'm currently nebbing some albuterol and hyper-sal while hoping to get some exercise in to get things moving this morning. My chest is super congested, and if I'm not better by tomorrow then I'm calling in some reinforcements (aka oral antibiotics). I don't want to leave it til the weekend where it's harder to get in touch with my care team.

On a happier and more exciting note, I have started working on my new book idea. Technically, that's nothing new for me as I tend to start a lot of books. I even get to the middle usually with my book ideas before they fizzle apart and get stored in a folder of "come back to in another 20 years or so" projects. This usually happens because I'm not sure where to go past the middle or the climax. I am terrible at wrapping the loose strings up together in a nice, neat package, and it results in many failed attempts. I still marvel at authors who appear to create endings so seamlessly. I'm not one and never will be, I'm afraid.

This time, however, I actually have the ending already figured out. I know every party of where this story will go, and while I will not hold my characters to following this preconceived timeline of events, I also will be able to guide them along to the finish line should I need to do so.  I'm pretty excited about that fact. I think this may end up being the first novel I actually finish, and it's in a different genre than I usually write as well which is also exciting. Stepping out of my comfort zone in two different ways will hopefully prove more successful than my previous efforts. I usually love to write fantasy and dystopian lit, but this time around I chose realistic fiction. It will still be a YA story, and to me that's important. I feel YA stories allow for more growth and emotion in the characters without it seeming like unusual behavior. Growth, change, and out-of-character behavior is exactly what happens during the teenage years, and it makes for great emotional writing.

With that, I'll sign off of here and keep working on my protagonist and detailing my outline a bit more.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas week!

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