Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Reason Behind my Quietness

I haven't blogged in quite awhile now because we have had a few scares with this pregnancy.

Basically, I had a pre-term labor scare at 33 weeks which was stopped with lots of medication. I was given steroid shots for baby girl's lungs, and I was hospitalized for a few days due to being diabetic and having an elevated white count. Everything went really well although my sugars are still a bit crazy.

After that I was on a strict bed rest, and then I had a scare of pre-eclampsia. I was hospitalized (again) this past weekend for high blood pressure and labs were drawn. We also did a 24 hour urine collection which came back just fine (thank goodness). The labs however showed that my kidneys are having a hard time with this pregnancy. Both kidney function levels they took are elevated, and they seriously debated about inducing me over this past weekend because of this.

Since the kidney levels stayed stable (after 4 consistent blood draws), they decided to send me home, but they also have decided not to let me carry on past 37 weeks. So, I have a scheduled induction for May 23 which is just two weeks away now.

It's truly hard to believe we are so close to meeting our little girl. I am getting so anxious and excited. I can't wait to analyze every part of her and just cuddle her and not let her go!

Most recent photo. This was 34 weeks. I don't look any bigger this week since I lost 4 pounds from being in the hospital.


  1. You look great! And it definitely looks like she's dropped. Can't believe baby girl will be here for two weeks, I feel like you just announced your pregnancy! SO excited for you!!! :-)

  2. TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh... getting SO excited! I cannot WAIT to see pictures of this little cutie. ;)

  3. Colleen, thank you SO much. You are so kind! I feel like I just announced it as well. It really has flown by. Thank you for the excitement..we are really getting excited now!!

    Cindy, I KNOW!! I can't believe it! It's still so surreal, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that I will be a mom in two weeks. I don't think it will be real until that pitocin kicks in ;)


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