Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feeling Under the Weather

I think CF has reared it's ugly head because I certainly am not feeling the best. 

Yesterday I started in with streaking every time I brought up sputum. It wasn't much. I would say about a teaspoon the entire day (really minuscule amount), but still it is unusual for me. I wouldn't be too concerned if I wasn't feel run-down as well. Just exhausted, sore throat, headache.

The streaking stopped today, then came back, then stopped again. I got about three hours of sleep total as I coughed my way through the rest of the night last night (thankfully I slept a lot today). Just feeling miserable.

I did place a call to my CF doctor, but she must have been incredibly busy because she did not return my call today (very very unusual). 

And now, I have sharp lung pain in my right lung. Just started about an hour or so ago. It's not constant, but it certainly is present. 

I think it may be time to break down and go on antibiotics. Since I'm pregnant, no orals I normally take are safe and we're probably looking at IVs. I haven't had IVs since 2008 (at that time it was only a precautionary measure because of having sinus surgery), and I haven't had IVs for a real infection since 2005 so I shouldn't complain. And I won't. All that matters is my and baby girl's safety and health. 

I just hope my doctor returns my call tomorrow morning. If not, I'll be calling again! 

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  1. I hope you feel better soon Megan!! My doctor is the same way always calls that day.....WE must have great doctors.

    Keep yourself and that little baby as healthy as possible. I know you will take care of it. You have a great attitude towards everything in life :)

    Keep kicking butt cyster!!


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