Monday, August 6, 2012

The Stress of the 2ww

The stress of the two week wait has officially gotten to me. I was doing pretty well until yesterday when I began spotting. The spotting stopped yesterday evening, but then started up again today.

Well, today was my first official breakdown. I just started bawling, and I got that overwhelming feeling that I was sure this cycle didn't work. I've lost all pregnancy cramping, no tender breasts, no nausea, nothing. Also, the spotting makes me think my period is starting as well.

After that, I went into an even darker place where I became sure that IVF would never work for us and we were destined to be childless. Dramatic much?

I just have so many emotions and so much desire put into this IVF process, and I'm so terrified of getting my heart broken if it's negative. We'll find out soon...but the wait is definitely the hardest part of the entire process! 


  1. How torturous! I am sorry it is so stressful. I can only imagine how much you want this to work. I hope for the very best outcome! Hugs.

  2. I know those two weeks were the worst 2 weeks of my wife's life!!! They are so stressful because you have been doing things for an entire month with taking injections going to the doctor's office every other couple days well at least it seems. Then you get implanted and they send you home and say good luck see you in 2 weeks. I have said it in a prior comment here, but our IVF Dr. said he wishes he could put his patients in a comma for 2 weeks and wake them up for the official blood test.

    Maybe the bleeding is due to implantation bleeding??? That is a possibility. My wife did experience some spotting/bleeding.

    Maria and I are wishing you the best!

  3. Oh man. I am SO sorry, Megan. My heart is just breaking this week for your frustration and heartache. I REALLY hope that it works, and if not, I will be praying that the Lord can help to heal your heart, and that your miracle will come VERY soon.


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