Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surgery Day

It's here. The day that we have been longing for is finally here!

It's 4:30 in the morning on the day of my sister's surgery.  Half a liver and a lot of the big intestine are coming out today.

Prayer is keeping me sane. I trust in the Lord, and I pray for him to watch over Ellen and be with the doctors and surgeons today as they take care of her.

Ellen is, rightfully so, very nervous. She does, however, realize that God is watching over her. She finds peace in that.

She also finds peace in anti-anxiety meds and painkillers which she will be happy to be receiving today and for the next week or so.  We, as her family, find peace in the existence and use of these drugs for her as well! :)

I'm sitting her doing my treatment and I just find myself resorting back to prayer and gratitude to the Lord. He will get us through this today, and I am so grateful for His comfort, grace, and peace.

I will update as soon as possible, but I will be away from a computer until very late so it will be nearly impossible to update until late tonight or tomorrow.

If you could say a prayer for my sister and her doctors today, I would be so very grateful. I believe in payer's power.  If you do not pray, any good thoughts or well-wishes would also be very appreciative as I believe in their power as well.

Thank you all for your support on this journey so far. Today is a big hurdle, but then we are well on the way to healing. The goal is that with this surgery and months of chemo, I will be sharing with all of you that my sister is cancer-free! My sister's phrase is that she wants to be, "NED." She wants the doctors to say that there is "No Evidence of Disease."

Yep...that's what I want too.

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