Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sporadic Posting (and Reading)

For the past few months I've been such a terrible blogger! I've either had too much sensitive material that I can't (or have chosen not to) write about, or I've been too busy! My reading of blogs has fallen by the wayside as well. I catch up on posts here and there, but I'm not the dedicated reader I used to be. I feel so bad about those facts, but I also know they will continue to be the trend for at least a month or two. The reason for this lack of writing/reading now comes down to a lack of time. Two weeks ago, I started up a part-time job working 24 hours a week. This was a necessary change for us because when our insurance deductibles/copays doubled, our ability to live off of one income vanished! With working 3 days a week, I've been using my other 4 days to clean the house, cook meals, go grocery shopping, do general errands, get a bit more sleep, visit family, and spend time with my husband. All of that has left little to NO time for websurfing or blogging. In fact, I used to be a Facebook nut, but I've checked it a handful of times in the past two weeks now!

Realistically, it will take me a month or two to really get into a good rhythm with balancing work and everything else which is why the posts will be sporadic for the time being. I hope to get into a good balance of 1 post a week once I start getting time worked out.  Today, I'm up early doing my treatment prior to heading up to U of C for a diabetes appointment. I figured I could use this peace and quiet time of nebbing to write the blog.  Usually, I spend my nebbing time reading now as I have lost a significant chunk of my reading time.  I may have to start alternating reading/blogging time during my treatments. Hopefully, that idea could catch me back up with my friend's blogs and with maintaining mine as well!

So overall, expect approximately weekly postings from me for the next month or two, and then hopefully I can pick back up to a better pace! 


  1. There are times and seasons in our lives, I think... sometimes I blog a lot (like recently) and sometimes I have a much harder time blogging. I think it's completely ok to focus on other things for awhile! ;) Though I have definitely missed your blogs, and our chats!

  2. I miss our chats so much as well! I feel like I have abandoned all my friendships recently, and it's a horrible feeling. I'm hoping that starting next week, I can get into a better rhythm and actually respond to your e-mail/letter! Goodness, it's been too long. I think you're right..we go through seasons. This busy season makes blogging less likely, but hopefully it will pick up soon :)

  3. As much as we love your blogs I think all us cysters know that you are very busy and staying healthy is most important. Take the time you need to adjust to work and get a new routine. We will be excitedly waiting for when you are a frequent blogger again!!


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