Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Those Peaceful Moments

Last night as I relaxed with my daughter on the couch, her chest rising and falling so peacefully from the sleep which finally found her, I felt that overwhelming sense that all would be okay. We haven’t had the easiest of weeks since we are battling teething, a growth spurt, and stranger anxiety all at once. We’ve had more fussy times than happy times, and if I go to put Sydney down or walk out of her line of sight, there is often a meltdown. But in that one instant, I hear her soft sigh of contentment and see a flicker of a smile cross her lips, and I know that it will all be fine and that tomorrow is a new day; my heart is filled with joy and serenity. 

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  1. I've found that two things help with the line of sight thing - first, if Kate isn't actually LOOKING at me when I leave the room, she doesn't always notice and for some reason it's easier on her. If she IS looking at me, I talk to her the whole time I'm in the other room and play peek-a-boo. We've been playing a lot of peek-a-boo lately and I think it has helped her to figure out that even if she can't see me for a minute, I'm right there and coming right back. (I so hear you, though, the separation anxiety is no fun!!! We've been there for about 2 months now and it just kills me. We've been fighting it especially hard at bedtime/naptime... Kate is FINALLY getting back to the point where I can put her down in her crib without it instigating a massively huge meltdown and screaming match. Knock on wood.)


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