Wednesday, December 19, 2012

14 weeks and . . .

14 weeks and feeling GREAT!

My CF appointment went well. My lung function is stable, and I have gained weight - obviously the doctors are thrilled about that! We talked about different breathing exercises for when the vest will no longer work well. I think we have awhile until that point.

My energy has suddenly returned, and so I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and taking care of household needs. Dishes, laundry, bathrooms, dusting...all of these things got pushed to the back burner the last trimester. Yes, they got done here and there, but not consistently. I'm definitely ready for a clean house again.

Belly photos. I started taking them, but they have NOT been consistent. A big part of my problem is how self-conscious I am about my belly scars and how they look now that I'm pregnant. Yes, you can see them through my shirts. I need to just get over it and document my bump anyway because this could very easily be the only pregnancy I have.

Weight gain is around 6 pounds now. It's hard to believe, but I am thoroughly enjoying the surreal feeling of watching that scale go up every few days. I started at 117 and I'm now 124. Not too bad!

I am starving all the time right now. Even after I eat. If I don't eat every two hours or so, I swear my stomach is eating itself!!

I'm ready to feel baby all the time. I think I have felt baby here and there for brief seconds at a time, but I am ready for the kicks and the punches! Bring them on!!

Overall, I'm doing REALLY well so far. I'm pretty shocked at how easy the pregnancy has been to this point. I'm certainly  not complaining, and I am enjoying every second that I have of being pregnant. I know I will miss it a year from now. 


  1. Ha! I am all too familiar with that feeling of stomach eating itself. ;) After going for quite a long stretch without being hungry in the night I can tell baby girl is having another big growth spurt and I keep waking up STARVING. It's making me crazy again! ;) But I love it.

    Why did your drs say the vest wouldn't work well at some point? That confuses me a little... I'd love to know what they meant. Most CF moms I know have done vest pretty much up until the end. I'm still doing it with the bottom buckle undone and the 2nd one loosened and it's just fine unless I have an extraneous prob (like the pleurisy) that it irritates. Actually I think it was harder doing it during hte 1st tri because I was so queasy all the time.

    Oh, and about your belly - do keep taking the shots, and take heart... for me, a lot of the weirdnesses about my belly are going away as it gets bigger. I would imagine that as your scars get stretched more and your baby becomes big enough to really make your belly a uniform shape, you won't notice them NEARLY as much, either.

  2. It's so wonderful to hear that you've hit your groove Megan! The weight gain is fantastic. I'm curious as to how tall you are? [If you don't mind me asking of course. =) ]

  3. That is so exciting!!! Belly photos, belly photos, belly photos. Ha :)

  4. Glad to hear the good news. I'd love to see your belly photos too... I'm sure you're as cute as could be!


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