Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The biggest decision of our lives...

I remember when my now-husband and I first started dating.  I remember thinking that marriage was the biggest decision we were going to face and I remember it seemed terrifying at the time. My poor husband was more terrified of the actual engagement question and asking permission from my parents, I think, than a wedding.  In reality, marriage is a huge decision and it certainly should not be taken lightly, but compared to the decision we made a few months ago, it seems easy.

In fact, our engagement came and went and we were incredibly excited. Then, our wedding rolled around faster than I thought possible and we found ourselves staring at each other at 1:00 AM on our wedding night saying, "Wow. We just spent how much for one day?" Don't get me wrong, our wedding was beautiful and we were incredibly blessed with friends and family who traveled long distances to see us exchange our vows.  The actual day of the wedding, however, goes by so quickly that you feel like you blinked and it was done.  I wish there was a way to relive that day at any time. 

Going from being engaged to being married seemed hardly any different and we loved that. We enjoy being the type of couple that stays in on a Saturday evening to watch a movie together.  We enjoy laughing at each other's corny jokes and just sitting, doing nothing. We're boring and we love it! So now comes the twist: over the summer we officially decided we were ready to become parents. Throw boring, lazy, and doing nothing out the window! We just knew we were ready and the decision had ultimately been coming for a few months.  This decision is BIG for any couple to make, but I have cystic fibrosis which just adds another level of BIG.

More on my actual mutations and lung function later, but ultimately cystic fibrosis, or CF, is a challenging genetic disease which effects the lungs and digestive system.  Originally, I believed I would never be able to have children but (obviously) as far as my lungs go, my doctor is 100% on board with the idea.  From what I've read from other CFers (those with cystic fibrosis), getting pregnant with CF can be difficult..more so than for most women. With so little being written about this, I decided it may help someone else who is trying to come to this decision with her spouse and thus created the blog. Well, let the "difficulties" begin.  We are keeping our fingers, and toes, and hair crossed that it all goes smoothly and easily, but preparing ourselves for the alternative at the same time.  Here's wishing luck to all those going through the same process we are right now.  More to come soon...

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